Molly Wellmann, Mixologist, Wellmanns Brands

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Molly is a self taught mixologist in Cincinnati. She has immersed herself in the knowledge of classic cocktails and fine spirits; studying the history and proper preparation of classic cocktails from books mainly. Cocktails invented in the 1700′s to the 1950′s. She uses classic cocktails as a base for creating new and innovative drinks containing simple syrups, bitters, liquors and fresh juices she makes herself.
Molly is honored to have been able to work at many popular, restaurants and bars throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.she is now co-owner of Japp’s Since 1879,Neons Unplugged,and Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar. Molly was recently featured in Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer, Metro Mix, and Cincy Chic, as well as many well-read blogs. She was currently voted best mixologist/bartender for CityBeat magazine for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Molly was born and raised in Cincinnati. After 12 years in San Francisco, she returned to her beloved hometown to be closer to her family. Molly is the author of ” Handcrafted Cocktails”.

LOCATION: Hall of Mirrors
MENU: Baby arugula with cranberries, pecans, gouda & smoke maple vinaigrette; bourbon chicken, scallion white rice, & broccolini; and bourbon glazed chocolate pound cake with Manhattan cherries.
ALTERNATE MENU: Bourbon tempura vegetables, scallion white rice & broccolini OR March Salad – grilled shrimp with mixed greens, cornbread croutons & “Old Baylor” aioli.